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Being Woman is my First Obstacle-Chandrakala Ponnada

The story of Chandrakala Ponnada is very inspiring, and it is nothing less than the inspiring script of a Bollywood movie. Working with Bangalore based Elmeasure India Private Limited, she heads the project of Light Management System and literally lights an entire modern airport in one of India’s leading metros.

Belongs to Royal ancestral line but by the time she was born they were just another typical Indian middle-class family. Born & brought up in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, topper in Education, she secured a free seat in prestigious college but was restricted from going to a city for higher education, she had to miss the chance to go to better college. She studied in her hometown with the support of her mother.

After Marriage and a little daughter, she finished her Bachelors & Masters in Electronics. Then she started her career again as a lecturer teaching embedded system & electronics. She was soon appointed the placement officer. Where Elmeasure once visited there & Mr. Janardhan insisted her to join Elmeasure at any cost. She then came to Bangalore for the first time leaving her husband and daughter alone.

She underwent a lot of struggle to imbibe the corporate culture. The first two years were hell & there even came a time when she broke down and decided to go back to her hometown. But, her biggest weapon was self-respect and self-confidence, so she came back to prove her detractors wrong & she is a gem now as Asst. Manager BEMS Projects with Bangalore based Elmeasure. She is a MICROSOFT CERTIFIED C PROGRAMMER. She is CERTIFIED LEAN SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT HOLDER.

While working in the college or now in the corporates, from admin staff to the management, everyone has the same kind of respect for her. On this International Women’s Day it’s our privilege to bring the amazing story of Chandrakala to our readers...

What drew you to the kind of work you do?

I like to do challenging jobs rather being in the same routine. Customization is the biggest competitive advantage Elmeasure solution has & even a few other premium products businesses have, which has made my work even more interesting.

What are the main deterrents and obstacles faced by you on this journey?

Being Woman is the first obstacle faced by me, since my childhood & my first achievement would be convincing my family to leave for work somewhere we have never been to. Then to convince a young daughter to be away from her, who definitely needs her mother around to share the personal problems.

What sets you apart from others in your line of work?

I am not sure whether I can say that ‘I can set myself apart from others in my line of work, but I am sure that, I will always be trying to set myself apart from yesterday’s me. Frankly speaking comparison with others is not my cup of tea.

Has been a woman been advantageous to any aspect of your work?

Don’t think so, it has been otherwise but, I would prefer not to let my thoughts be gender biased.

What is your message for young girls everywhere?

The young generation is very bold and I have a request for them to keep teaching us but to also remember, that there are always opportunities to learn from every tough state you find yourself in.

Why did the field of energy appeal to you?

Initially, I was into my core field of study i.e., Electronics. Then I realized, Elmeasure envisioned the importance of energy & its management for a better future, that made me transform my interest slowly into this field.

Who inspires you among the incredible women in the manufacturing industry?

Being in the core industry & lack of resources given to me, I didn’t have the opportunity to learn more about the famous personalities. The only woman through half of my life was my mother; whether studying from books in the college or seeing my mother work hard. I think her way of life has deep-rooted in my personality to overcome any type of setbacks.

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