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Making the Country a Master mind for Industries-Manish Kothari, Rhino Machines Pvt. Ltd.

Success does not come to you unless you thrive on it. Wait, ideate and execute is what he believes in. Our country is full of resources and what it needs is a spark to ignite the passion of utilizing it. We can create a hierarchy of extraordinarily productive assets. Try and see upside down and one can find the positives of GST as well. It’s all about the perspective of how one sees.

There are very few people who can perform brainstorming ideation and execution of too many projects together and one of them is Mr. Manish Kothari, the owner of Rhino Machines Pvt. Ltd. The depth he possesses is incredible and the principle he follows shows how much a positive thinker can succeed. 

Since 1991 to 2017, the journey which covers almost 3 decades reveals a lot of ups and downs when searched at the core. The passion of possessing a world-class manufacturing industry remains a dream no more. The man has achieved it all but yet strives to cover more, see more, learn more and expand the vicinity of services. From manufacturing to providing education and training, he caters to it all.

Like all other young engineers, he could have pursued a career with working in an industry but he had dreams far beyond it. He saw things differently. And today he is one of the leading Manufacturing sectors and also specializes in consultancy, Education and training, Garments, CSR and Green Sand Reclamation.

He loves the way this country has reached the peak of development in terms of business. He strongly refutes that India does not have potential to reach the target market they want to. He has always helped in the module of modification of the education system in India.  Because he believes that students should have adequate industrial knowledge before they join a manufacturing company. Being the torch bearer of the upcoming generation, they should have the zeal to know much more than they actually have to do in the industry. The acquired knowledge must precede the knowledge required in the industry.

In our country, the public needs to invest in human capital which is very much important and is the reason why European countries meet their objectives easily. In Countries like Switzerland, the industries decide what is to be taught, the government delivers it. He thinks if the person at the shop floor is sufficiently educated, he does not need a supervisor. This country does not have the shortage of money or business or infrastructure, but the culture of education should be modified.

He has stretched an arm of help towards the needy sections of the society to remove the vicious circle of poverty from the society. He provides education to the poor children and also trains them in Industrial Training Institutes for the up gradation of the standard of living.

His opinion on the imposition of GST is exceptionally target oriented. He thinks GST might not increase the production but it will shift the production from an unorganized sector to the organized sectors.  He formed it like this, just the way we wear a seat belt after seeing the policeman, same way GST acts like the policeman we should be aware of and have to maintain a system.

Rhino Machines Pvt. Ltd is producing in India since 1991 and they are strictly against importing.  And Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” has ignited the spark of manufacturing in India within the public. It’s not that the concept of ‘no importing from outside’ did not exist but we needed the spark to maintain it. The biggest quality in a man like him is he knows to appreciate people. He does not feel bad where he goes low. He set examples of other industries that have flourished and made their ways towards the success without Importing and thus applauds the initiation.

He believes in the decentralization of work in various forms and he thinks to reach the market, get absorbed by the mass and creating a strong grip over the market can only be done through correct research and development, proper strategy, world-class content, data analyzing and following a disciplined streamline.

Rhino machines in India have created a barrier for MNCs who has to follow a line of discount they are bound to put on the goods they sell. He strongly believes in the concept of competitive market and ensures that this is an ongoing process. If one stagnates in this sector, he shall have to face difficulty coming up on the market again.

Their latest technology implemented the first machine with a robot with offline molding services, and the next initiative being Green Sand Reclamation system where they are partnering Ministry of MSMEs as technical advisors which shall be inaugurated on September 15th, 2017. He also partners Govt. of Gujarat and is going to set up a center of excellence which shall provide industrial training to the students.

Being a man of simplicity and courage, he has always boosted up the young manufacturers and has appealed not to get demoralized as the manufacturing sector is such a sector which has a strong scope of rising and thus making the roots strong for the industrialists. Thus, highlighting that ‘Make in India’ is only possible if human capital is available.

Taking a company to the zenith is the most difficult task in today’s market scenario where many other industries are there to give a cut-throat competition in the current market.  But he is steadfast and confident on his point where he says, He does not have to import things to become better. But make himself so strong that shall set the benchmark for other countries.

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