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Choose startups for career growth

After completing our academics, one question that hovers over us is how to choose the right career path. We aspire to work with a well known brand as we dream to be successful because we always associate success with big fat compensation we receive. Also, it makes us feel proud when we quote about it to our relatives and friends. But one thing that we never think about is “Will I get to use my skills and my knowledge over there?” 

This is why we also need to contemplate other options.  If not a well known brand, then should I take up a job at an organization which is started recently and is in its growing stage? But many a time we do not think of this option because of the money factor. We opine that startups do not pay well. May be true or may be not? But, in fact, joining a start up would be more beneficial rather than joining a MNC. Let’s find out why?

At times the reality is that while working with the MNCs at the entry level we tend to become followers and that gets tagged with us forever. Once a follower always a follower! We are used to follow instructions from our superiors. Every day is the same day with nothing new to explore. The work you do is done by many others as well and you are just a part of the team. It’s a kind of monotonous job till the time you reach at a middle or higher level. The only reward you get is the financial reward at the end of each month.

Accepting the fact that startups are not that good payers but in a startup, even at an entry level, you are a leader/an initiator, and you have a free hand to utilize your skills to the fullest. You are allowed to experiment with your creativity and share your ideas. You have to daily face new challenges and you strive hard to complete the same, and that’s the motivating factor. You get recognized for your efforts and that in turn boosts your confidence. You become a contributor to the success of the organization.

Another factor is the experience you can gain in a startup. The experience here is not limited only to your domain. You are free to help others and show your skills in other areas where required. You get exposure to new responsibilities and new learning opportunities which means you can step in various shoes and as result every time can learn something new. Learning in a startup is a never ending process, you learn as you grow. Every responsibility will be unique. And gaining maximum experience should be a major driving force rather than money when you are in your early career.

The hierarchy here is different compared to a corporate. Here the seniority factor is not that important. You are the owner of your own work. Although you are free to approach anyone from the team you think will be able to help you. You are not limited to access. You can even access the management as and when required. You can share your vision, your creative ideas, can discuss about the company’s growth strategy and give suggestions as well to your management.  This helps you build a sense of ownership in you which is helpful for you in the long run of your life.

Let’s also not deny that you have to go through a lot of pressure in a startup, burn your hands many times, but the end result would be really satisfying. If you survive this pressure, you will be able to handle any difficult situation going ahead, as you become tough. You actually have to work for extra hours here but that is going to pay you for the hard work. That is going to make you ready when you reach a higher position in your professional tenure, because once you are at a middle or higher level you are expected to work for more hours than your subordinates. Putting in extra hours while working in a startup already makes you ready for the next level.  One day of absence would make a lot of difference to the organization, where as in a MNC even ten days of leave would not make any difference to your contribution.

Startups can be considered as a stepping stone for your career. Money should not be a driving factor but a good learning opportunity should be. The urge of learning something new, the motivation to face challenges everyday will help you grow in your life. Once these factors are imbibed in you, success will automatically be a part of your life. You can find ways to come out of any difficult situation that you are in.

 Arguably, startups can also be a setback for someone, but it’s up to you how you look up to it. You have to tell yourself “I can do it”, and this “I can do it” attitude is what will help you survive. Struggle will be a part but this struggle will make you tougher and help you go miles in future. These struggles will make you a part of the growth and success of the startup. You will be proud of yourself and your achievements.

So, decide for yourself, what you want to be, A Gladiator or a Trail Blazer.

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