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“There is no feast which does not come to an end,” a Chinese proverb says, and this week’s story on Mr. Ritesh Ranjan, Managing Director of TECHNOKARTS is a tale about the digitalization, technological growth and his achievements in the digital business.

Through digitalization, Mr. Ranjan has the vision to change the unorganized sectors in the manufacturing industry which heavily rely on Excel, pen & paper or some outdated software format and their production is handled by mostly non-technical staff. His main vision is to provide turnkey ERP solutions to such production plants which would enable a smoother functioning of the units by even the likes of a layman.

TECHNOKARTS is an Information Technology company which specializes in software development and services, ERP development, Web development and services, Mobile application development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Database Design and Technology Solutions.

To develop such platform a rigorous survey is conducted at the production plant which takes 5 to 7 days. The TECHNOKARTS team conducts a one on one discussion with each and every staff member involved in the workflow including the workers. This enables the team to collect a comprehensive insight into the process and the problems they are facing with regards to the day to day plant operation. This enables them to create customized software as per the plant’s requirement. There are many manufacturing production plants in India some of which are transformer production, glass production, aluminum production, solar panel production; etc. Therefore, TECHNOKARTS helps clients leverage the cloud for application development to increase speed-to-market and cost savings. They believe in working with the client at every step to help clearly define requirements and develop a custom cloud application rather than one size fits all.

Mr. Ranjan feels that the manufacturing industry should not lag behind in terms of its ERP solutions and digitalization. Since these smaller plants cannot afford expensive ERPs or other expensive cloud solutions. TECHNOKARTS with its strong team and vision comes into the picture with their customized and inexpensive ERP cloud-based solutions. “Product Concept and Design is the core of our process and we specialize in working with your product management team and end customers to help conceptualize business requirements and design the relevant specifications and solutions “.

Mr. Ranjan started off with TECHNOKARTS in March 2015 after quitting his job with an MNC. He worked on website development and mobile phone applications initially. He personally surveyed the market to explore other areas in the digital field. And as they say, hard work pays off, within a short span, Mr. Ranjan managed to acquire a strong client base in Pune, Mumbai, Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal, and Odisha; to name a few. He was a part of the transformation of Digital India where everyone was migrating from normal server to the cloud server. And as luck would have it, TECHNOKARTS was able to source finance from projects on mobile phone application and website development and channelize it to product development.  Mr. Ranjan’s key mantra in life is “patience and hard work will eventually pay off”, his humble beginnings are proof of it. His inspiration is MS Dhoni who has achieved great success with small beginnings.

He truly fought a bitter phase when his other two partners left him alone to handle the company within six months of its formation. In order to meet souring bills, he used to regularly take Java classes at various institutes. He survived this bad phase by loaning money from the market. But within six months he was able to repay his debts and generate enough revenue to reach break-even at the end of one year. From the second year, the company started earning profits. His advice to budding startups: “all co-founders should be like-minded and share the same vision, at least for the first five years. Their main aim should be work and not profit initially. Work recognition and a strong client base have been my policy right from day one!” 

TECHNOKARTS is propelling itself to make a mark as the first CRM and ERP solutions company globally within a year. In India, they already have three branches in Pune, Mumbai, and Patna and are coming up with two more branches in Kolkata and Baroda. ERP is like Business Suite. TECHNOKARTS provides value-added services to the client’s websites in the form of digital marketing, digital presence at no extra charges. Due to such high levels of client support, there has been a steady upward growing curve with a sparkling recognition in the ERP market with people following on the path shown by TECHNOKARTS. 

What makes TECHNOKARTS different from other IT companies, is their keen eye for detailed client support and after sales service for up to 10years. They conduct detailed survey before forming blueprints of the customized ERP solutions which puts them ahead from the rest. 

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