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What you think you are a multitasking?

This is the story of a starry eyed boy, Kartik Vasoya, who is from the western-most state of this great country. The state is famous for Dhoklas, Gathiyas, Dandiya Raas, and Garba. It has a long-drawn history of producing stalwarts in all walks of life ... the great example being our honorable Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi.

Born and brought up in Surat, in an ordinary Gujarati family, Kartik was a naughty boy with less focus on academics. He was one of the notorious students of his school and college. Nevertheless, he finished his BCA and eventually moved to the educational hub of Pune for his higher studies. He joined Sinhagad institute for his MCA program. Having studied throughout in the Gujarati medium, it was very difficult for him to survive in a different environment of a completely different cultural city, but he never gave up. English was not his cup of tea at all, but he still managed to pull himself through it. He overcame all the odds, sustained himself in Pune and made a good lot of friends who stay with him till date.

While Kartik was studying in Pune, his brother was entering the Diamond Polishing market in Surat, and a lot of efforts was essential to gain clients and set up a startup. To help his brother, Kartik used to be in Surat for four days in a week and attended college only for 2–3 days and learned as much as he could. He was just an average student in his class. Due to his poor attendance, he could not participate in campus interviews. But, this did not disappoint him. 

With dreams of starting a Web Development firm of his own, he stepped into the world of IT. He looked out for opportunities that would enable him to utilize his skills and help him take a step closer towards his dream. During his first job, he gained knowledge about web development. After a reasonable stint, he thought it was time to learn something different. This time, he took up a contract opportunity in web designing for two months, which was based out of Hyderabad. He took up this job only because he wanted to explore a new city, as he likes adventures. He proved himself there as well.

At this juncture, IMPALS selected Kartik as a Web Visualizer. This has proved to be a turning point in his career.

IMPALS gave Kartik the platform to explore his skills to the fullest. It leveraged his brilliant web development skills and regarded him more as a partner who would help IMPALS grow. It gave him a free hand to try and explore his ideas. Here, he is facing clients for the first time in his career. For any web development work, he meets the clients to understand their requirements. This new opportunity is helping him to build self-confidence.

As an organization, we are trying to overlook his weaknesses and concentrate more on his strengths. It’s really making him a better professional day by day. We simply brief Kartik about the tasks in hand, and our worries are over because he completes the task within timelines. Obviously, we support him with guidance, as and when essential. Kartik’s English proficiency is average. The organization endeavors to enhance it by encouraging all IMPALSIANS to communicate with him in English.

IMPALS believes that Kartik’s multi-tasking way of work will open up multi-paths of success in the days to come.

About Us

Impals Marcom LLP is the Digital Marketing company established in Pune. Impals Marcom LLP provides following services.

1. Media Relations

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7. Designing

8. Content Marketing

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10. Consultation

Our team consists of experienced professionals from a diversified background with one common interest, i.e. providing the best possible solution that matches your business line. We are highly devoted to serving you with creative and upgraded solutions that are dynamic yet feasible. Our copywriters are often found blue-sky writing over a cup of coffee while our designers are peevish with creating art-work like never before! Our digital marketing team brainstorm on how to skyrocket a digital /online presence! Our Client Servicing Team believes that the ideas can really brew over a coffee. We are ready to walk that extra mile to listen to all your worries sitting at your office desk!

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