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How you do make your life wrought?

'Marks’ in academics can hardly decide what ‘mark’ one leaves to the world! Hard work, commitment, and aim make all the difference. An epitome of hard work, dedication, vision, and leadership who adds a new dimension to entrepreneurship – that’s what best describes Mr. Milind Joshi, the founder of ViewMyRecords.

It was a great opportunity for IMPALSIANS to meet veteran entrepreneur Mr. Milind Joshi who turned up at IMPALS office recently to discuss his latest entrepreneurship venture ViewMyRecords and enriched us with his life lessons and mantra for success.

But before moving onto ViewMyRecords, let’s have look at the illustrious career of a legend in his own field.

A resident of Bengaluru, but born and brought up in Solapur, Maharashtra, he finished his SSC at the age of 13 and a half. He is a member of the first-ever batch of HSC. He never got a first class until his HSC, but never regretted it. He opines that you should never correlate your marks or percentage with what you can do in your future. This is his first advice.

He couldn’t get a seat in engineering because the number of seats was limited. So, he completed B. Sc. (Physics) from the Sangameshwar College in Solapur and then M. Sc. (Physics) from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Further, he joined the Advanced P.G. Diploma in Space Sciences and Applications from the Gujarat University.

He had firmly decided that he will not accept a 3-digit monthly salary because salary cannot be a driving force for anything that you want to achieve. After trying for 2–3 months, he finally got a job offering him Rs. 1,200 per month in Marathe Engineering Industries, Miraj. Simultaneously, he was also preparing for his GATE examination for higher engineering studies. After clearing the examination, he joined the 1.5 year M. Tech. course in the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

His attitude towards study was to never postpone tasks. He believed in the present and did tasks proactively. In tune with this, he completed his last year’s project in the second semester itself. Fortunately, this decision helped him to overcome an unforeseen situation. In the last semester, during a trek with his friends, he accidentally broke his arm. His physician advised him no hand movement for the next three months. Despite this hurdle, his project was the only project among 20 students that was completely ready to be examined. This was indeed a stupendous achievement. Mr. Joshi remarked, “You can achieve what you want to achieve if you take the things in your way ahead of time”.

He studied for overall 20 years, which is rarely seen. In the campus, he was not selected by TCS, a well-known brand. He got a job in Indian Organics Chemical Ltd., which was an upcoming organization. He was the third employee of its software division, Sonata Software, with a salary of Rs. 4,000 per month.  He worked there for five years and developed unique products such as Rescue (a software that was useful during power failure) and Prakashak (an Indian language Desktop Publishing system). He worked for almost 18 hours a day for around 24 months without any holidays for Prakashak. He strongly believed in commitment and hard work to be successful. Mr. Joshi said, “Run behind your dream, and you will reach it”.

Further, he moved to ANZ as a Project Manager for five years. He rolled the software not only in New Zealand but also in 14 countries in the Asia Pacific. He commented, “Never be afraid of taking any new responsibility, and once you jump in it, do it with a complete dedication”.

By then, the US Insurance, American Financial Group, had set up an IT business in India. He held the key responsibility of setting up the back-office operations of the American Financial Group in India. After this stint, he decided to start his entrepreneurial journey by collaborating with two key members. They established a captive unit in the BPO/ ITES industry, and he headed the IT operations. They collected funding for the same with a Venture Capital (VC) and ran the venture successfully. Unfortunately, due to the 9/11 incident, the sponsors stepped out. But, he and his partners did not yield and got funding from a Personal Equity (PE) firm on the condition that the firm would take over the business. They agreed to this condition. In course of time, this unit was sold by the PE firm to Accenture. In this manner, Accenture entered the Insurance sector in India.

Later, he co-founded Xchanging in 2001 and was responsible for the entire back-office BPO/KPO process. During this time, he was also responsible for transacting the back-office business for the Lloyds of London. He was running the business from India, with setups in Bengaluru, Gurugram, and a tier-3 city, Shimoga. Shimoga had a huge cost difference. So, considerable money was spent to get employees and in marketing to help him in his business. So, he advises entrepreneurs to set up business at places where you are stable and can get quality work done.

Now, let’s throw light on his current entrepreneurial venture, ViewMyRecords. He had flown down to the US along with his family. He realized that his father’s insurance wasn’t renewed. It was difficult to get insurance because his father was almost 80 years old. During this phase, a thought came to his mind that a system reminding us about such activities by scanning and uploading all important documents online would be very useful. So, he came up with the idea to start “ViewMyRecords”. ViewMyRecords is an online system where your important documents can be scanned and uploaded online. You have facilities such as geo-tagging and adding comments, which helps you in remembering critical due dates.

Along with his wife, Mrs. Mohini Joshi, he has successfully set up this business across various organizations. ViewMyRecords operations are handled by his team in Bengaluru and Shimoga.

Mr. Milind Joshi is a living legend who proves that a never-say-die attitude, proactive demeanor, lofty dreams, complete dedication, and out-of-the-box mindset can propel your life to incredible heights.

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