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Rohini Jadhav - From Humble Background to Head Turning Quotient

Humble background often turns one into a self-effacing one, but those who it cannot turn; it inspires to make the most out of life. Such a person is an asset to the society at large, and certainly to an organsiation at professional level.

IMPALS is one such organization which encourages true talents and has a perfect amalgamation of talented minds called IMPALSIANS who have their own inspiring stories to come to this far in life.

Keeping this chain of thought in mind, let us give you a glimpse of one of our ever smiling and full of life web developer Rohini Jadhav, a true IMPALSIAN by heart and achievement.

Hailing from an idyllic village called Kapil in Karad, Maharasthra, she has grown up on farm areas where her parents worked as farmers. Her moderate background and upbringing in the lap of nature, has instilled in her a sense of satisfaction from whatever she gets out of her life.

As a girl child she has always been reared up with utmost love and affection in the family. But at the same time being the second of the three siblings, she also had to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of her younger brother as her parents would be out on the field for farming activities.

She completed her SSC from Vitamata Vidyalaya, Karad and HSC from SGM College Karad. Being an average student she always had her heart set on something non-conventional which led her to take inspiration from her elder brother who is also a web developer and started on his footsteps.

After completion of her HSC she started her Diploma in Computer Technology from PCPK Karad where she got her initial exposure to various software and hardware and started her journey on the off-beaten path which was not conventional for the girls of her village she grew up in.

After completion of one year Diploma in Computer Technology, she directly got admission in second year of Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) from AMGOI Kinivathar. After completion of her B.E she requested her parents to let her move to Pune for exploring her career opportunities but was not allowed to pursue her plan. But she was determined to work and be independent and hence continued trying to convince her parents. At the end her unflinching determination was rewarded and she was allowed to work and start her career.

She started her career as an intern at ABMS in Pune and then joined there as full time employee. Then she started looking for new opportunities and joined Tipster an IT company in Chinchwad, Pune, where she was awarded with best employee for the quarter.

However, there was still a lack of complacency as her creative urge inside was not getting full scope of unfurling itself in these roles.  This urge and a timely look for new opportunities led her to IMPALS, the best creative branding agency with the best working environment in Pune. At IMAPLS she came across many assignment challenges which actually tickled her creative urge and helped her come out with best creative solutions, aligned with the policy of offering best creative solutions followed by IMAPLS.

In Rohini, IMAPLS found a true IMAPALSIAN who help maintain its status quo; in IMPALS, Rohini found the best place to produce the creative solutions with high head turning quotient.

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Impals Marcom LLP is the Digital Marketing company established in Pune. Impals Marcom LLP provides following services.

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