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Pune Techtrol’s endeavours towards contribution in Metro development

While riding a Metro, have you ever wondered how this whole train is functioning systematically and error free? In India, nowadays, the trends are clearly towards development of smart cities. And the showstopper in this whole gamut is launching Metro service for smooth transportation. While we sit in those AC compartments and reach destinations of 30 kms in an hour, the job behind-the-screen often goes unnoticed! It requires sharp attention to every process, dealing with hazardous chemicals, waste waters and many more which make our dreams of transporting sans traffic a reality!

Government of Maharashtra has decided to implement metro transport system in Pune and Pimpri- Chinchwad area. Water supply, sanitation and air conditioning facilities on metro stations are very important. In providing these services Pune Techtrol (PTPL) has been playing and important role by way of supplying, erecting and commissioning of their level measuring and control instruments.

PTPL has provided many level measurement solutions to the metro projects at New Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. Presently it is working on metro projects at Pune and Nagpur .The purpose behind all these efforts is to provide smartest services to our citizens. Pune Techtrol’s products offer reliable and cost effective solutions to the metro projects. Metro authorities have to develop Water Supply, waste water/sewage treatment plants, Bore Wells, Seepage Systems at Metro Stations where Pune Techtrol instruments play major role. The collected waste water contains acids & alkalis, which need to be treated in order to make it potable for usage at multiple facilities in metro stations like wash rooms, waiting rooms & office blocks. All treatment plants employ level gauges for visual indication, level switches for high& low level detection cum control of auxiliary devices, level transmitters for continuous level monitoring and controls. As such, level measurement and control instruments are used for process automation of treatment plants to improve their efficiency.      

Pune Techtrol products for metro projects include Tubular& Magnetic Gauges, Float, Displacer & Conductivity Switches and Hydrostatic & Ultrasonic Transmitters.

This brand has developed a reputation as a reliable and trusted option for supply of level measurement solution that provides long lasting performance with minimum maintenance. Puen Techtrol’s products deliver high accuracy, reliable performance, easy installation and long service life. Next time, while riding the metro, one shall remember the untold stories of efforts by Pune Techtrol in providing various solutions in making the journey comfortable which in turn shall bring about countless smiles all through the journey, every day.

The fast life and the ever increasing demand of safe, smooth transportation remained a distant dream for decades in India. Metro transportation was in the bucket list of every Indian travelling to Kolkata or Delhi.

But people residing there were surely benefitted with this daily commuting amenity to travel farther distances in lesser times! However, the launch of Smart City projects across states and further inclusion of Metro projects in them have spellbinding effect to the entire population!

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