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How to Prevent Overfilling By Level Measurement And Control?

Overfill of any container is a potential hazard! Petroleum tanks, solvent farm tanks, LPG tanks, underground tanks, or even flowing solid filled silos do have a possibility of overfilling an outflow of stored material. Hence, they need to be monitored & controlled to prevent overfill and the subsequent loss. Besides, if the medium in question is flammable, it can cause severe damages to physical assets, environment and human beings. Prevention of such an occurrence can be achieved through overfill control along with savings in cleanup cost and downtime.

The quiddity of safe-handling fluid contents–both hazardous and inflammable–lies in the use of the right kind of level gauge. That would prevent from the tank to overfill, which in turn can keep everyone around safe and sound! Technology has evolved with time. Safety measures getting increasingly important and stringent, the industries have to keep themselves abreast of state-of-the-art gauging systems.

Overfill prevention can be accomplished by employing Techtrol level measuring instruments to control inlet flow into the tanks when the material level has reached high level. Pune Techtrol offers cost-effective, easy to install & maintenance free instruments which provide long durability and come with wide choice of materials to suit various services.

Level switches are installed on tank at high-level preset point, to detect presence of material and actuates auxiliary device to stop inlet flow.

Level transmitters are installed on tank to provide continuous level indication of material in the tank from bottom to top through a generated signal of 4-20mA at preset level. At preset level, a signal is transmitted to actuate auxiliary device and stop inlet flow.

Float Guided Switch is a top mounted switch based on Archimedes principle of floating body.  The float actuates a switch magnetically at a preset level point of liquids. It is available for single or multiple switching up to four levels.

Techtrol Bilge Switch is a miniature float switch mounted inside a perforated cage to prevent suspended particles from hindering the float movement in liquids. It is provided with an extension cable of required length to detect corresponding preset level in bilge tanks on ships. It is IRS class approved for marine applications and suitable for single switching.

Float Pivoted Switch is a side mounted switch for single switching, based on Archimedes principle of floating body in liquids. The float magnetically actuates a switch at preset level.

Displacer Switch is top mounted switch based on Archimedes principle of submerged body in liquids.  The switch is magnetically actuated due to upward buoyant force exerted by the displacer at preset level. It is top mounted and available for single or multiple switching.

Capacitance Switch is based on the principle of capacitance formed by the liquid between two electrodes at preset level. It is top mounted and available with site adjustable single or multiple switching.

Vibrating Fork Switch is made to vibrate through by powering piezo electric crystal. The vibrations are dampened when it comes in contact with material at preset level which in turn effect a change over in contacts for control action.  These are point level switches for liquid as well as free flowing solid. They can be top or side mounted angularly.

Rotary Paddle Switch is based on a low speed synchronous motor rotating a paddle. The rotary motion is stopped on coming in contact with free flowing solids, which in turn effect a change over in contacts for control action. These are point level switches for free flowing solid and can be top or side mounted angularly.

Float Guided Transmitter is based on change in resistance output caused by magnetic actuation of  reed contacts by the float movement in liquid to provide 4-20mA output for monitoring and control action.

Hydrostatic Transmitter is based on hydrostatic pressure of liquid level to provide 4-20mA output. It is available in two versions. One is top mounted and submerged into liquid and other is side mounted externally to the tank wall.

Ultrasonic Transmitter is top mounted, does not come in contact with service medium and provides continuous output for control action.  It works on ‘Time of Flight ‘principle using the speed of sound. 

Guided Wave Radar is top mounted and provides continuous output for control action. It works on ‘Time of Flight’ principle using electromagnetic pulses transmitted along the guide rod.

Radar Transmitter is top mounted, does not come in contact with service medium and provides continuous output for control action.  It works on periodic linear frequency variation of transmitted electromagnetic signal which is reflected on measuring surface received with time delay. Difference in transmitted frequency &received frequency is proportional to liquid level.

Established in 1984, Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd. is a globally-trusted Indian company for excellent-quality level measurement and process automation systems for liquids as well as solids.  
For more details write to ho@punetechtrol.com or visit www.punetechtrol.com.

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Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd. has evolved from a six employee enterprise, in 1984 to become a premier Indian company recognized for quality level measurement and process automation systems for liquids & solids. We are an ISO 9001 2008 Company located in the Industrial belt of Pune, around 180 kms from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Pune is famous globally for quality instrumentation industries with ample skilled & talented work force. ‘Techtrol’ is recognized as most reliable & trusted brand, delivering quality products unsurpassed in terms of accuracy, workmanship, performance, safety & ease of installation, providing long uninterrupted service in wide & varied industrial applications. Our products are designed & engineered for optimal performance and with practical experience gained over last several years has equipped us, to meet the most demanding user requirements.


Our technical support to customer starts from the enquiry stage, through proper selection & guidance, right up to supervision of installation & calibration at site. This is accomplished through large network of experienced representatives & distributors backed by our team of enterprising sales & service engineers.

Our people are our strength and as such our prime philosophy is to respect them as individuals with inherent skills, to be channelized to create value for our society & country. We believe that, our reputation and our product quality & services are a result of their team work and as such, it has been our endeavour to train them continuously for higher multi-skills and better understanding of our products & customer expectations of us.


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