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Using Level Transmitters for Waste Water Management

Campaigns for water preservation and saving water are running all across the world. People are being urged to take precautionary measures while using water.Is there really a need to make such hassle around a common thing called water? The answer is an obvious yes, the reason for which stands same as our previous blogs on waste water management.

Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd. believes in making a difference while running a company. Thus, this leading manufacturer and supplier of level measurement and control instruments customizes its products such that they serve useful in applications like waste water management.

The in-house motivation for the same can be seen when Mr. Ramesh Pabalkar, the General Manager at Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd. says, “The ‘water crisis’ will hit us much before the‘energy crisis’. Every opportunity for saving water and recycling treated waste water must be explored.”

The level transmitters by Pune Techtrol are instruments which prove very useful in the process of waste water management. The Techtrol Ultrasonic Transmitter (TUS) is a non-contact type level transmitter, generally used for measurement of flow in open channel or level monitoring in tanks. It is compact, non-contact, and easy to install, integral type transmitter for continuous level measurement of non-corrosive liquids and slurries. It is programmable through Keys.

Owing to its aforementioned characteristics, it proves highly useful in waste water management plants. It is used for various processes in storage tanks, filter beds, flotation cells, water / waste water/effluent treatment (WTP, ETP), etc.

About Us                                                                                    

Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd. has evolved from a six employee enterprise, in 1984 to become a premier Indian company recognized for quality level measurement and process automation systems for liquids & solids. We are an ISO 9001 2008 Company located in the Industrial belt of Pune, around 180 kms from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Pune is famous globally for quality instrumentation industries with ample skilled & talented work force. ‘Techtrol’ is recognized as most reliable & trusted brand, delivering quality products unsurpassed in terms of accuracy, workmanship, performance, safety & ease of installation, providing long uninterrupted service in wide & varied industrial applications. Our products are designed & engineered for optimal performance and with practical experience gained over last several years has equipped us, to meet the most demanding user requirements.

Our technical support to customer starts from the enquiry stage, through proper selection & guidance, right up to supervision of installation & calibration at site. This is accomplished through large network of experienced representatives & distributors backed by our team of enterprising sales & service engineers.

Our people are our strength and as such our prime philosophy is to respect them as individuals with inherent skills, to be channelized to create value for our society & country. We believe that, our reputation and our product quality & services are a result of their team work and as such, it has been our endeavour to train them continuously for higher multi-skills and better understanding of our products & customer expectations of us.

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Pune Techtrol Pvt.Ltd

S-18, MIDC Bhosari,

Pune - 411026,India

Phone No- 020 66342900

Email Id- ho@punetechtrol.com

Website- http://www.punetechtrol.com





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